[2021]The Most Reliable Way to Fake iPhone GPS Location without Computer

Gfaker is a hardware solution for simulating iOS GPS location, You can easily fake iPhone GPS location by simply connect the Gfaker device to your iPhone or iPad. The device is small and portable you can easily carry it around in your pocket. No big computer is needed at any time.

You may have read a large amount and cluttered information about how to simulate GPS location iPhone. And tried some of the methods from the search results. Some are not even working. While others need complex operations and keeping a connection with a big computer all the time. Which makes the iPhone GPS location simulation really annoying.

Now you can get the best solution to fake iPhone GPS location with this article. This will free you completely from this vexing matter. And enjoy the convenience that this device brings to your life.

Why do You Choose Gfaker Device to fake iPhone GPS location?

  1. No Jailbreaking Required.
    Jailbreaking may make it easy to fake iPhone GPS location. But there are always two sides to the story. Jailbreaking will also pose a security risk to you and the app can sense if the phone is jailbroken or not. We don’t like jailbreak and we don’t need jailbreak. 
    do not jailbroken your device
  2. No Complex Settings.
    We have simplified the use of our products to the extreme. Simply connect the device to your iPhone. From the companion app installed on your iPhone, you can freely set and fake iPhone GPS location. No complex settings anymore!
  3. No Coding Required.
    No expertise is required to use our products. Easy for anyone to use
  4. No big Computer Required.
    Some of the Spoofing GPS methods need to connect your iPhone with your big computer all the time. The Gfaker device is Highly portable with less than 3cm x 3cm size and 10g weight. We can carry it everywhere in your pocket and use it whenever you want.
  5. No-Risk being Detected.
    The Gfaker Pro device model simulates the complete GPS location data. It can avoid being detected by the app because of abnormalities in the simulation data.
  6. Working on all Apps on the iPhone.
    It’s an iOS system-level hardware GPS simulation. All the apps on your iPhone will be spoofed. It prevents Apple or other app developer bans and illegal data spying from other software-only solutions.


fake iphone GPS location
Gfaker–Change iPhone GPS Location

As we all know iOS is a closed operating system, We can not simulate the location by simply installing an Apps without jailbreaking your iOS system.

If you are not a tech guy or don’t want to take the security risk of jailbreaking your iPhone. Maybe you can not simulate your location before.

Gfaker now solves this problem!

How Does the Gfaker Device Works to Fake iPhone GPS Location?

When you connect the device with the iPhone or iPad, it will be registered as an external GPS device using the Apple External Accessory Framework. It temporarily replaces the internal GPS module of your iOS device.

So when the system and apps try to get your current location, they will read the information from the GPS module, which is now overridden by the Gfaker device, and the device data is controlled by us. This is the way the Gfaker device works. Safe and Convenient.

Working Apps Including(Not Only):

GPS Location Tracker: Find iPhone, Find Friends, Life360, GeoVilla, Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, etc.

GPS Based Games: Pokemon Go, Ingress, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, etc.

Ride-Sharing or Delivery Apps: Uber, Lyft, Grab, Ola, Uber eats, etc.

The Main Functions of GPS Simulating.

  1. Simulate a specific GPS location.
    We can search a location with the name of the address. Accurate address search using latitude and longitude is also supported. Once you have found the location you want to simulate, you can click the lock button on the app to start to fake iPhone GPS location.
  2. Mock movement of walking, biking, or driving with an auto-generated route.
    There are Google maps and Apple maps in the device control app. If you want to simulate a moving, just select the location you need to go through. A route will be auto-generated by the map.

  3. How to Operate This Gfaker Device?
gfaker app
Fake iPhone GPS Location with Gfaker Device
  • Connect the device with your iPhone or iPad(plug it in via the lightning dock) 
  • Select the location you want to locate on the control App. 
  • Enjoy! Easy!

Simple Introduction Video About Gfaker

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  1. boncut.alex10 says:


    Just bought one a couple days ago. My question is about the TestFlight app. You recommend us to use iOS 9 – 12 but the TestFlight app requires minimum iOS 13 to be able to download it. How is this going to affect my experience and are you going to upload the Phantom app on the store allowing us to download it on older iOS versions?

    Thank you!

    • Gfaker says:

      Hi, Thanks for choosing our product. Apple set the iOS version limitation on TestFlight weeks ago. So now there is this special situation. We will now provide the TestFlight installation method for iOS13 and iOS14 users. A certificate installation method is available for users who are unable to install TestFlight.

  2. George says:

    Hi, I have Gfaker Pro but I want to buy Gfaker Phantom to use with IOS 14. Will Uber catch me if I use Gfaker Phantom?

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