Tips About How to Safely Spoofing GPS in Pokemon Go

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Oh, God! Anyone can help me with the Pokemon Go account? I got a ban because of using a location spoofing. Is there any safe solution to spoof GPS on Pokemon Go in 2020?’

You may have seen posts like this a lot lately. Because Pokemon Go games don’t allow location spoofing, and users are often temporarily banned for this reason. So, just Be careful not to use methods that can be detected. The good news is that I’m here to offer a few safe ways to avoid detection.

Spoof GPS location in Pokemon Go
Spoof GPS location in Pokemon Go
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Four Types of Bans in Pokemon Go

As we know there are lots of people using spoofing methods to play this outdoor game. On the other hand, Niantic runs checking on their Game. As the result warnings and account bans arise. There are several types of warnings and bans in Pokemon Go: Activity Warnings, 3rd Party Application Warnings, Softban, Shadow ban, Temp Ban, and Permanent ban. Here are some explanations about it.

Soft Ban

Unusal Speed

The game detects that your speed is too fast, Let’s say you go from one place to another place a thousand kilometers away in a very short time. They will prevent you from catching or spinning.

You Played Too Long Time

If you have caught many pokemon in a short time or you have been played a too long time, As a result, they will also control the pokemon you can get

Pokemon Go account Ban
Pokemon Go account Ban

Shodow Ban

Modified Apps

Niantic may detect you are using a modified app to play the Pokemon Go Game. Or any other unauthorized access from third-party services. Because of that, they may make a one or two weeks shodow account Ban.

Temp Ban

Mainly the reason is that you used botting accounts, and hits after a few days of use. They will lock the access to your account for 1-2 months. And the “failed to get game data” message may appear when you are attempting to log in again.

Permanent Ban

This is the worst situation for your account. All the data, Pokemons or profiles would be deleted permanently. There is no chance to get it back or able to get access to your account again. The reason for this could be that you’ve been caught cheating three times or you’ve used a robot or you’ve used a modified client.

How to Avoid Being Banned From Spoofing

Are there any other methods which can help us to escape from the Niantic games detection? Sure, we can do much to avoid the detection.

Be Careful About the Spoofing

First of all, find a reliable tool that can help you spoof the GPS. We should make sure that Niantic can not catch you. Secondly, never use a modified or third-party client. The client is in the hands of the developer. They can easily detect whether you are using the original client through the data sent to the game server, which can put your account at great risk if you use it. Thirdly, you should be very careful about your movement, just make sure that your movements are reasonable. Use cooling hours wisely. Finally, do not root or jailbreak your Phone. It will be much easier to get solutions to fake GPS data on Pokemon Go 2020 if you jailbreak your device. But your account will be specifically checked to see if you are violating the rules of the game. The account risk can actually increase a lot.

How to Spoof GPS Location in Pokemon Go on iPhone without Jailbreak?

Fake GPS Location with Gfaker Device

If you’re looking for a rare Pokemon and you’re far away, or you don’t want to leave your warm room and go out into the cold or out into the wild where there’s a lot of danger. You may have thought about faking your GPS location to achieve your goal. Gfaker iPhone external device can help you with it. You can just connect the tinny device with your iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak or connect your iPhone with a big computer. Easy and Safe.

The Technology Principle of The External Device

When you plug the external adapter device into your iPhone or iPad, it will be registered as an external GPS using Apple External Accessory Framework. When you plug the adapter in your iPhone, it will temporarily replace the built-in GPS module of your iPhone. So when the apps on your iPhone want to know where you are, they will read the GPS data from the module (now the adapter controlled by yourself). As a result, we can spoof your location with the method provided by Apple safely.

The device goes with an app to control it, you can set your location to a certain place or simulate a google map generated route. You can also change your movement speed with the control app.

Spoof Your Location to a Certain Place

With the Gfaker device, you can set your location to a certain place. The only thing you need to do is choosing a location from the map with the control app and press the lock position button. Bingo! The whole iPhone has been changed to the location you chose. Address search and latitude-longitude searches are also supported.

fake iphone gps location

Simulate a Route With Gfaker Device

Movement route will be generated by google map, the location data of the device will be changed along this route. What’s more, we can change the speed of this movement at will.

spoof iPhone GPS location route

Fake Your GPS Location with Xcode Program

  1. Go to the App Store and download XCode.
  2. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the mac.
  3. Run Xcode and Click the “Create a new Xcode project” button.
  4. Select “Single view app”, Fill in “Product name” and “Next”
  5. Choose a folder where the project should be created.
  6. Finally, you can see the pic like bellow.
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Log into your Apple ID and Select team.


Press “>” button to start the build process. Then do the process like picture bellow to choose the location.



The Gfaker device is easy to use and safe enough for you game account.