How to Fake Your Location on Find My Friends 2020

fake location on find my friends

Last Updated on March 21, 2021 by Gfaker

What is Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is an app developed by Apple for iOS devices. Every idevice has this application installed. We can use this app to track your friends’ location or share your GPS location with your family members. It could show that where other people are — assuming they permit you to track their GPS location. Each friend who shares the location with you will show up with their round avatar, the distance between you and your member could be got with the member list. It could automatically refresh as the members move, and you can even get directions to their location. As a result, it could also inform you when your members’ location meets your rules. Such as arriving at the target location or leave a place. You can also customize the alerts as you want.

How to Fake GPS Location on Find My Friends
How to Fake GPS Location on Find My Friends

Why Do We Need to Fake Location on Find My Friends?

There are two sides to every story. We can use Find My Friends to facilitate our lives or make people around us at our control for a legitimate purpose. What if we are the member who is tracked and we feel not well about it? Here are some reasons for someone who wants to fake Find My Friends location.

The Reason to Fake on Find My Friend

  1. All the people in your teams could know exactly where you are. And on the other way, you could not just turn it off. That could be really annoying.
  2. Also, if the app in the wrong hands like someone wants to abuse it, they may use it for a wrong and harmful purpose.
  3. Apart from this, the main concern for some users is that they see the tracking as an invasion of their privacy.
  4. In the end, we do have something that we do not want anyone to know, or somewhere we want to go alone. This kind of application makes this impossible.

For these purposes, the need for faking Find My Friends location rises. We here will share some methods for the questions on how to fake location on Find My Friends.

Solutions to How to Fake Location on Find My Friends.

You may have been annoyed by one of the problems above for a long time. And you have tried lots of methods you read online, but not meet your needs. We here just provide you ways to fake Find My Friends location.

Use Gfaker External Device to Fake Find My Friends on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak.

There are lots of tutorial articles online which said that they could help you change your iOS location, some methods need complex settings or coding skills, other methods need jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad or being connecting with the big computer all the time.

Fake iOS Locaion with Gfaker Device

Gfaker devices may be the easiest and safest way to spoof your iPhone location. The external device comes up with a control app that can set GPS data to the device. The only thing you should do is connecting the device with your iPhone through the lightning dock and press the button to lock the position you choose. Here is the tutorial about how to operate to fake your GPS location on Find My Friends.

How to Fake iPhone GPS Location

1: Once you received the Gfaker external device, you will have received the control app install link with the email. Just install the control app on your iPhone or iPad.

2: Connect the Gfaker device with your iPhone or iPad with the lightning dock. The waiting icon changes from gray to blue, which means that your iPhone has recognized the external device.

Spoof Location with Gfaker Device

3: Set your location to a certain place.

  • Press the place you want on the control app map to locate and press the lock button. Now, your location will be changed. We can try to check the current location on Find My Friends or Google Map.
How to Fake GPS Location on Find My Friends on iPhone
  • Search the detailed address on the search bar.
How to Fake GPS Location on Find My Friends on iOS
  • Input the latitude and longitude to search bar.

4: Simulate a route

Fake GPS Location on Find My Friends on iOS

You may need to simulate a movement route to pretend that you are heading to a destination, Gfaker device can easily achieve this function. You can add nodes on the map, then press the ‘Done’ button. The map will automatically generate a route, the movement will move along this route.

In fact, changing the location of Find My Friends is not the only use of this device, it can simultaneously change the location of all the apps on this iPhone.

Use a Second iPhone to Spoof Your Location in Find My Friends

Methods to Fake Find My Friends Location
Method to Fake Find My Friends Location

This method could be a backup plan when you want to fake your GPS on Find My Friends. This can also protect your location privacy and no one will be able to know your real location.

  1. Firstly, you should log out the Find My Friends account on your main iPhone.
  2. Secondly, log your same Apple id in your second iPhone.
  3. Finally, you can now leave your second iPhone on the place you want to simulate.

This can be really helpful for your fake location purpose. But there can be some disadvantages, your second phone is staying still and you are away from it. If your friends send you a message with the Find My Friends feature, you will not know or make any replay, and this will make your friends confusing.

Use iTools to Fake Your Location on Find My Friends

  • Download the iTools and install it on your computer, After successfully connecting your iPhone to iTools on a computer(you should keep it connecting all the time), you will see the screen below:
Method to Fake Find My Friends Location on iOS

Click “Toolbox” on the menu bar, you will see the “virtual location” button on the interface:

How to Fake Find My Friends Location
Method to Fake Find My Friends Location
  • Click “Virtual location” button. Enter a location on the text frame, click “move here” and you will be located to that location.
How to Spoof Find My Friends Location on iOS

You can even simulate walking on that location after you click the walking mode.

How to Spoof Find My Friends Location on iOS
  • If you need to end the virtual location and get back to your real location. Please click” stop simulation”.
How to Spoof Find My Friends Location on iOS

Changes About Find My Friends in iOS 13

The Find My Friends app and the Find My iPhone app were combined in the iOS 13. They are now within a new app named ‘Find My’.

The Find My app has a green circle and the blue location circle in the center. It takes the place of the Find My Friends app on your home screen, which is the answer to why you may wonder where it has gone. 

If you can’t find the Find My app, you can use the search bar at the top of your screen. Or you can ask Siri to find open it for you.