Unlock iTunes Backup Password in Any Scenarios

GFKey iPhone Backup Unlocker can decode and unlock iTunes backup password from all frustrating scenarios easily.


Recover iTunes Backup Password with 3 Powerful Attack Methods


With the advanced algorithm, GFKey – iTunes Backup, as an iPhone password recovery tool, quickly analyze the iPhone backup encryption process and recover your forgotten iTunes backup password in minutes using 3 powerful attack methods.

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Remove iTunes Backup Encryption Settings

This iOS Backup Password Remover is designed to help you create new iTunes backups without password in one click by removing iTunes backup encryption settings. Employs embedded GPU acceleration to increase decryption speed up to 30 times the average speed.

NotesDisable Find My iPhone/iPad on your device before you proceed.

Remove Screen Time Passcode/Restrictions

Easily get rid of the Screen Time passcode without erasing your device with no data loss at all if you want to remove the unwanted or forgotten passcode.


Notes: Disable Find My iPhone/iPad on your device before you proceed;s.

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3 Steps for Using GFData iPhone Backup Unlocker


Step 1

Turn on GFData device, connect the GFData device with your iPhone, choose “Retrieve iTunes Backup Password” option.


Step 2

Then choose a backup to remove its password. Select the recovery mode to effectively retrieve iTunes backup file password.

Step 3

Once it is found, you’ll see a pop-up window displaying your iTunes backup password.

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Fix with Simply Connection

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Compact and portable, it effortlessly tackles common issues when connected to Apple devices. A must-have tool for fixing Apple devices on the go.

GFKey iTunes Backup Tech Spec

FAQs about GFKey iTunes Backup device

No. All your need to pay is the one time payment for the device. And it will be all free during using.

No, GFKey – iTunes Backup can help you recover your iTunes backup password, remove encryption from iPhone backup or remove screen time/restrictions passcode without erasing data.

YES! GFBoot is 100% safe to use as this iOS system recovery tool is virus-free and ad-free. The first priority of GFBoot is to repair your device with no harm. Our hardware is totally safe and secure with no risks.

Restore mode means recovery mode. You can quickly and simply put your iPhone in recovery mode wihout buttons using GFBoot.

1. Turn on ReiBoot.

2. Connect your iPhone to ReiBoot with an original cable and unlock with passcode on iPhone.

3. Click Feature “Enter” on the main interface.

4. You will soon get into iPhone Recovery Mode successfully within 15 seconds.