GFTransGo-No.1 Phone Data Transfer Tool for iPhone/Android

  • Transfer data from Android to iPhone after Setup. No Reset.
  • Transfer data from iPhone to Android without resetting.
  • Selectively transfer the data you need instead of a full restore.
  • Merge data on the target device. No device data will be overwritten.
  • Switch from 8000+ Android devices to iPhone.
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Why GFCareFone GFTransGo is Extraordinary?

GFCareFone GFTransGo is your go-to solution for transferring data from one phone to another after setup.

  • Factory reset required
  • Data transfer errors
  • Time-consuming: 1-5 hours
  • Data overwrite on target device
  • Low success rate
  • No factory reset after setup
  • Transfer smoothly, no errors
  • Transfer data within 30 minutes
  • No overwritten
  • 99.9% success rate

NO RESET! Transfer Data from One Phone to Another after Setup

Android to iPhoneLooking to transfer your phone data after setup without the need for a factory reset, unlike Move to iOS? Fret not, as GFTransGo is here to assist.

iPhone to Android: With GFTransGo, you can seamlessly transfer data from iPhone to Android after the initial setup, allowing you to choose specific data types instead of a full restore.

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Selectively Data Transfer the Data Type, Not a Full Restore

GFTransGo facilitates the transfer of six types of data: photos, contacts, messages, videos, calendars, and music. Whatever was on your old phone will be exactly what you get on your new phone.

  • Photos: jpg, png, gif, mov, jpeg, mp4, m4v, heic, dng, bmp, tiff, webp, 3gp
  • Videos: mov、mp4、m4v、3gp
  • Music: mp3, m4a, aac, wav, and flac formats are supported to transfer.
  • Other Data Types: Contacts, Messages, and Calendars
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Tips on Android to iPhone Transfer

Before Transfer

Take a Backup. It's essential!

On your Android, go to Settings – Accounts and backup – Back up data. On your iPhone, go to Settings – your Apple account – iCloud – iCloud Backup – Back Up Now.

Check that your new phone has enough storage for all data from your old phone. If the new phone has 64GB and your old data is 100GB, consider clearing space.

After switching to a new device, you’ll need to re-login to all apps, and some passwords may be forgotten. It’s advisable to record important app passwords from the start.

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During Transfer

Keep Phone Screen On

During the transfer process, pop-ups or instructions may appear that require operation. Keeping the screen on can also help reduce the chance of transfer issues.

The network connection is crucial during data transfer, as it directly determines whether the transfer will succeed or fail. It is essential to ensure a stable network.

If your old device has a weak battery, it might shut down due to low battery during the transfer. So, make sure your phone is charged.

Transfer times vary based on data size. With “Move to iOS,” it’s typically 30 minutes or more, taking 1-2 hours for most users. Meanwhile, “GFTransGo” usually completes transfers in around 30 minutes.

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After Transfer

Check Data on New Device

Check if all your data has been successfully transferred and ensure that none of it is missing.

Move your SIM card from the old device to the new one. If you are in the US, you’ll need to set up eSIM on the new device.

If your new phone is an iPhone, create an Apple ID and remember the password before downloading apps—this is crucial. The same applies to Android.

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3 Steps for Using GFTransGO Phone Data Transfer Tool


Step 1

Turn on GFCareFone device, connect the device with both your iPhone and Android

Step 2

Choose the data type that needs to transfer. Then click the start button

Step 3

When the data transfer is complete, the screen will display “Transfer successful.”

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Compact and portable, it effortlessly transfer data between two Phones. A must-have tool for fixing Apple devices on the go.

GFTransGo Tech Specifications

Supported Devices

FAQs and Tips about GFTransGo

No. All your need to pay is the one time payment for the device. And it will be all free during using.

GFTransfer is 100% secure and surpasses the mid-range Android recovery with its information security policy and privacy protection.

Yes, you can. Currently, Android to iPhone data transfer and iPhone to Android data transfer are supported.

There will be more new features(iOS to iOS, Android to Android, etc.) in the upcoming release, and if you purchase the full version now, you will get all the upgrades for free

No. GFCareFone GFTransGo is a tool for transferring data between devices, including calendars, contacts, messages, videos, and audio. (more data types will be supported in the coming release).

You can transfer WhatsApp data using GFCareFone Transfer, another tool from GFaker