How to choose a product that's right for you

We can choose the right device model according to the purpose of use.

If the app you want to use the device on has a location spoof detection feature and could be a threat to your app account. You must choose the Gfaker Pro. This device is perfect to deal with the detection. But it only works perfectly on iOS 12 and versions below. Although we can still use it on iOS 13 or iOS 14, it requires some additional settings. These can make it a bit tedious to use.

If the apps you want to use the device on are:
Goog** Maps, Find Fr*ends, L*fe360, Find My i*hone, Fam*Safe, Zen*y , Appl* TV, T*nder, Snap*hat, hud, Whats*pp, Faceb*ok, Me*senger, Twit*er, WeCh*t, William Hill. etc.
We recommend the Gfaker Phantom model . This device works perfectly on all the ios versions and will support the new iOS versions released in the future.

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