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How does your product work ?

We believe whoever finds our product has struggled to find a solution to change iPhone’s location for a long time. You might have installed a lot of so-called fake location apps in the App Store and finally found out they are all real FAKE apps. You might find a tutorial to jailbreak your iPhone but you don’t want to destroy the safe and original system of iPhone. You might find ways that you need to know to code and you have to connect you your PC every time you want to change your location. To completely and permanently solve the problem, we finally developed this product.

This is a hardware solution that includes an adapter and an app to control it, which is different from all the methods above in terms of its theory. In simple terms, It is registered as an external GPS using Apple External Accessory Framework. When you plug the adapter in your iPhone, it will temporarily replace the GPS module of your iPhone. So when the apps on your iPhone want to know where you are, they will read the information from the GPS module (now the adapter controlled by yourself). You can use the App provided by us to modify the geographical information in the adapter. Its function has guaranteed it has an outstanding compatibility.

Does Gfaker support iOS 13?

We do not completely support the iOS 13 now. You could only spoof GPS to a radius of ~20km to your real location because Apple set new system restrictions on iOS 13.

It still works prefectly on iOS 9 -  12.4.1

If you want to use it on iOS 13, Please read the next FAQ

What if I really want to use it on iOS 13

We do not completely support the iOS 13 now.

You could only spoof GPS to a radius of ~20km to your real location because Apple set new system restrictions on iOS 13.

We have two ways to work around the distance limit.

    1. The new iOS 13 is quite buggy for now and if spoofing matters for you, you could downgrade to iOS 12.4.1. (Unfortunately, Apple Stops Signing iOS12.4.1 days ago)
    2. If you want to stay in iOS 13, please follow the steps below carefully:
      1. Turn off "Find My iPhone"Settings >> [Your Account] (first row) >> [Find Your Device Name] >> Find My iPhone - Turn Off
      2. Turn off "Location Services"Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services - Turn Off
      3. Spoof your location on the companion app: Make sure it's above 20kms away. (Just tap the "Lock Position" button, whether successful or not doesn't matter here)
      4. Turn off "Wi-Fi" & "Celluar Data"
      5. Turn on "Location Services". When you revisit our app, the location should be locked now.
      6. Turn on "Wi-Fi" & "Celluar Data"
      7. This is a temporary solution. You may need to repeat the steps above now and then.
    3. This is a temporary solution to bypass the 20km restriction. If your location is not moved in step 6, please repeat steps 2-6 and make sure reset location & privacy in step
    4. This is not a stable solution, You may need to repeat the steps above before spoofing to a new place.Adhere to the attitude of being responsible to customers, we do not say that this device working with iOS 13. 
Which model should I choose?

Gfaker Mini and Gfaker Plus should be connected with iPhone or iPad through the lightning dock. There are lightning charging port and 3.5mm Audio Interface on the bottom of Gfaker Plus,you can charge the iPhone while using it. Gfaker Mini is pure for spoofing, no other ports on the bottom.

Gfaker BW and Gfaker BW Pro should be connected with iPhone or iPad through the Bluetooth wirelessly,Gfaker BW can be powered with USB dock: PowerBank, USB dock in your car, Phone Charger, Computer USB dock, etc. The Gfaker BW Pro has its own rechargeable battery(BW Pro is coming soon)

The spoof functions of these devices are the same.

Is it available with my iPhone or iPad?

It currently supports iOS 9 - iOS12.4.1  and iPhone/ iPad with a lightning dock.

The device is not compatible with iOS13 yet.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept PayPal online. You can pay with your credit card.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

The order will be shipped from our warehouse in Shanghai China, The regular shipment method is free. It will take almost 7-14 working days to your address. If you need an Express method, you should pay another 20$. We can shorten the delivery time to 3-5 working days.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
What exactly happens after ordering?

Your payment must first clear before order processing begins. Once payment clears, We will confirm your order first to make sure that the address can be delivered.  all orders will be processed in the order in which they were received. We will send out the order within 2 working days.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You should have received an invoice in the order confirmation email that we sent you right after your payment was processed.

If you didn’t receive an email, it may have been filtered to your junk or spam folder if you have one, so we recommend that you check there.  You can also try our to your account dashboard to get the order detail.