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Frequently Asked Questions

There may still be times when the app suddenly fails to open. But don’t worry, you just need to delete the app first, then use your password to access the download link and install it again. There will not be any waiting time.

Of course. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just send your request to service@gfaker.com. We will cancel your subscription immediately. However, the app access will also be revoked immediately.

One subscription can only be used on one iPhone. If you need to use the app on multiple iPhones, please choose your quantity at the subscription checkout page

We sold devices from other manufacturer about two years ago. Because they went out of business and stopped offering apps, customers who had purchased from our store were also affected. We had to try to offer our customers app downloads for these old devices ourselves. If you purchased this device from our store, you can contact customer service with your order information to get the app for free.  (Please note that the devices we develop ourselves now are not compatible with older devices. apps are not universal.)

  • If your device was from us, please contact service@gfaker.com with your order number to get the latest tutorial content for free.
  • If your devices were from other sources, you will need to use the button below for a paid subscription for app use (One subscription can only be used on one iPhone). Once the payment is complete, please send your payment details to service@gfaker.com for the app tutorial content.  New subscriptions have been stopped due to abuse. Those already subscribed are not affected.