How to Use Gfaker Pro with iOS 13 or the Latest iOS Version

The Gfaker Pro device works perfectly on iOS 9 – 12. However, due to Apple’s limitations, it only works within about 15 km on iOS13 or iOS 14. If you’re on iOS 13 to the latest iOS version, you need to perform a few additional steps to take full advantage of your GFaker Pro device. The below method will help you to use GFaker devices on iOS 13 or even latest.


Let the iPhone connect to the network via Bluetooth only – Requires two Phones

  1. Connect the Gfaker Pro device to your iPhone. Go to iPhone [Settings] and Turn on the [Airplane Mode], Turn on the [Bluetooth].
  2. Turn on the [Bluetooth] and the [Personal Hotspot] on the Second Phone.
  3. Back to the iPhone with the device on. Tap the [Bluetooth] and choose the device name of the Second iPhone. Pair and Connect it.
  4. Now you can use the internet on the iPhone with device on via the Bluetooth. Go to [Settings] – [Privacy] – [Location Services], Turn if off and wait two seconds then turn it back on.
  5. Open the companion app(without any further settings) and you can simulate the location without any distance limitation now.

This method will be working but not perfect. We recommend that you can get an iPhone with iOS12 if the location simulation matters to you.

Or you can choose the Gfaker Phantom device according to your needs. Please read this page to get the details: