Outdated Gfaker Pro Device Upgrade Announcement

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With the completion of extensive testing with the new chip Gfaker Pro devices, we are now starting the replacement process for outdated Gfaker Pro devices.

There is a problem with a batch of chips that may not work properly after a period of time. If your device has this problem, we will provide a free replacement.

The Gfaker Pro device hardware upgrade is completely free, but if you need express delivery (3-5 working days) you will need to pay an extra $30, if not we will use the free shipping (7-14 working days).
If you have made an old Gfaker Pro device purchase recently AND has not activated the device, we will ship the new device the same way you purchased, without any further charge.

What has the new device been upgraded?

  1. The new chip supports simulation in iOS13 and iOS14.
  2. Flexible cable added to avoid breakage from accidental forces (drop, etc.) that may occur with older devices.
  3. Upgrade the interface for a more stable connection and faster charging.
  4. Reduce heat and power loss during use.
  5. The control App has been refactored for smoother use.

If you have a replacement requirement, please send your Gfake Pro order information to the email: info@gfaker.com, and we will confirm that the chip in your device is the new version chip or not and will process your request as soon as possible.

The email content format should be: “Gfaker Pro order num: xxxxx , Phone num: xxxxxx”, please make sure that this two info is a match.